Hike Explores Michigan

Last March COVID quarantines changed my world. It changed all of our lives. I had just started a new position which would take me back to Georgia up to three weeks out of the month. With my free time, I’d be in the North Georgia mountains and hitting up Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge and of course the Smokies.

On March 10th, it all changed. That was the day I showed up to the office to an eeriely empty parking lot. The office was closed. And I ended up spending my last 48 hours in the North Georgia mountains. I thought I’d be back in a few weeks. And now over a year later, I don’t have a date of when I’ll be going back.

What the time in quarantine taught me was that even though I didn’t have the mountains in my backyard anymore, I did have trails. And it was time to explore them and appreciate the beauty of Michigan.

I’ve thought a lot about ways to showcase some of the Michigan State Parks to my listeners. I’ve sprinkled topics in here and there. I’ve shared some amazing Midwest hikes and stories of fellow Midwestern hikers. But I kept feeling like I needed to do more. That’s where the Michigan Explorer idea became more than just a thought that I tossed around in my head from time to time.

Hike in all of the Michigan State Parks over the next year. Okay…hike in as many of the Michigan State Parks over the next year that I can. Learn about the history of the parks. Put up my tent in both rustic and modern campgrounds. Find some local gems along the way as I take to the road. And finally…share it all with you.

Hike Explores Michigan is coming in May 2021. It’s a special season that’s dedicated to my home state. I have no idea where this adventure is going to lead, but I’m excited to bring you all along on it.


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